Post Production Update

I wanted to give everyone an update on the progress of our post production for Atrophy. I know everyone (including myself) is excited to see the final version of Atrophy, and I can assure you we’re working diligently on getting the film finished and released.

Currently, we are very close to finishing a nice rough cut of the film. Our editor Troy Smith has been working day and night, and sometimes through the night into the early morning hours, to turn an incredible amount of footage into a cohesive film. I have the pleasure of sitting down with him weekly and watching the new scenes that he has cut. That’s one of the great privileges of being the director.

Once the rough cut of the film is complete, it will be sent off for sound effects, music, color correction and visual effects. I’ve already seen several tests shots from our visual effects supervisor, and I have been extremely happy with all of the clips. I promise you’ll be impressed. If possible, I’ll try to post a few of them ahead of time. 

I know the question on everyone’s mind is… “When will I be able to see Atrophy?” That’s a great question and here’s the answer: Currently, we are planning for a late summer, early fall premiere with more showings scheduled around Michigan soon after. 

I know it’s probably seems like a long wait but I assure you, it’s only because we want to make an epic sci-fi action adventure steampunk film that you’ll love and that will correctly represent what Michigan filmmakers, actors, producers, stuntmen and crew can do when they band together even if it’s on a small budget. It’s a mission that is not accomplished quickly and not without great dedication from everyone involved. Thankfully, time and dedication are two things this project is not short of.

Until next time, as always I will leave you with a behind the scenes pic. This time of steampunk death, served up Goldie style.

– Jason

Behind the Scenes Video: Fight Rehearsals

In this installment of our behind the scenes video series we get to see some footage from the two months of fight rehearsals that went into making the film.  Special thanks to the guys over at Southside Dojo in Portage, Michigan for letting us use their awesome facilities.  In the coming weeks we have three more behind the scenes videos to reveal.  Keep checking back for more updates. 

Character Posters: Villains: Part 2

Here’s the final poster in our characters series.   Three more villains for your viewing pleasure.  In the film, we call this crew, The Wise.  Next week we’ll unveil the poster that all three of our character posters combine to make.  Stay tuned because it’s going to assemble like a steampunk transformer.  We also have some more great behind the scenes videos coming up that I really think you will enjoy.